Wednesday, February 10, 2010

the associate to Mr Gageler SC has some explaining to do

Hogan v Australian Crime Commission [2010] HCATrans 4 (4 February 2010)

       MR GAGELER SC:     ...If your Honours then go to page 211 it is said after the quotation from Justice Gibbs at about point 3 of the page that that first jurisdictional question involves making was in essence a value judgment - - -

       KIEFEL J:     You will have to forgive us if we are not following quite, Mr Gageler. We have every second page photocopied.

       HAYNE J:     So confine yourself to the odd-numbered pages, would you Mr Solicitor, and we will follow you.

       MR GAGELER:     I am really sorry because the crunch point is on an even page.

       HAYNE J:     An even-numbered page - we are in trouble.

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