Wednesday, July 21, 2010

vindicated by the transcript

Plaintiff S121/2010 v The Commonwealth of Australia [2010] HCATrans 171

HAYNE J: Does the evidence reveal that something that accords with that statutory term has been made, lodged, whatever one does with an application for visa?

MR GLASS: No, it does not, your Honour. The question with section 46A(2) - - -

HIS HONOUR: Section 46A(2), not 46(2)?

MR GLASS: Yes, I apologise, your Honour. Did I say 46?

HIS HONOUR: Right. So 46A(2) you say is triggered by what has occurred. I see.

haven't been drawing or blogging for a while.
i blame the lack of amusing advocacy in the High Court.
even this one is only funny because it makes Hayne J look daft.

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