Saturday, August 1, 2009

Gummow J on the awesome power of the HCA

Bruton Holdings Pty Limited (In Liquidation) v Commissioner of Taxation & Anor [2009] HCATrans 138 (19 June 2009):

        MR SLATER: …. There are two firm and decisive judgments of the Full Federal Court which, as this Court has many times said, is the final court of appeal except in exceptional circumstances.
        GUMMOW J: I do not believe any court is the final court of appeal in anything, Mr Slater, and that idea that was once around I can assure you is no longer around.
        MR SLATER: The taxpayer will be happy to hear that, your Honour.
        GUMMOW J: [fp: in a loud booming voice] No one is immune from our possible gaze and attention.

[and later]

        GUMMOW J: … If you appear in the High Court everything else yields. When I was at the Bar, that was the rule.

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